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Effective Weed Control, Irrigation Control, & Other Lawn Maintenance Services

Shady Oak Lawn and Landscape Management in offers comprehensive maintenance that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether it's weed control, irrigation repair, or any other landscape service, you can trust us to provide you with high-quality results.

Our basic lawn and landscaping programs include the following tasks:

  • Edging
  • Weekly Mowing
  • Line Trimming
  • Leaf Blowing
Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and Weed Control
To provide nourishment and strengthen the turf against disease and weeds, fertilization is accomplished in four applications. Professional-grade, slow-release fertilizer is applied to the turf in the following months:

• May
• July
• September
• October

Irrigation Repair and Maintenance Irrigation Repair and Maintenance
This includes sprinkler system inspections. While this service can be done any time, we recommend a maintenance period of every 3-4 months. This consists of checking each station, straightening and cleaning the nozzles, and diagnosing the troubled parts of the system.

Shrub and Bed Maintenance

Shrub and Bed Maintenance
This service includes trimming and pruning your shrubs and ornamentals to maintain their natural shape. We'll take into consideration the design intent of the actual plant material. In addition, cultivation and hand weeding will be done to all bedding areas to maintain a well-groomed appearance.

Turf Pre- and Post-Emergent
Turf Pre- and Post-Emergent

The pre- and post-emergent applications are accomplished in three rounds. These applications are applied in the months of January, March, and November. The pre-emergent applications are applied for control and prevention of early germination of most grassy and broadleaf weeds. The post emergent applications are applied to eliminate any existing broadleaf weeds.

Grub Control
Grub Control
This treatment prevents grubs from damaging your yard. We recommend applying grub control products early in the summer, around May.

Turf Insecticide Applications
Turf Applications
This service can be done any time. However, we recommended it in April and July to help control unwanted insects, such as:

• Fleas
• Fire Ants
 • Chiggers
• Cinch Bugs

General CleanupGeneral Cleanup
This is a combination of all the services we offer. Get your lawn or garden back into shape by choosing from a combination that fits your needs.

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